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LLCAC - Chrono-Acupuncture Calendar



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Chrono-acupuncture is an ancient Chinese acupuncture system by which the Five Shu Points and the Source Points are selected according to different dates and times. It's application is much safer and more effective than regular acupuncture.

Since the 1950’s, scientists, acupuncturists and other professionals throughout China have performed extensive clinical studies of chrono-acupuncture. Many of these clinical studies have confirmed its effectiveness.

Chrono-acupuncture is so complicated to manually calculate available acupoints for various dates and times that, often, very few ‘acu-practioners’ are able to incorporate chrono-acupuncture into their practice.

LongLifeCA© Chrono-Acupuncture Calendar

LongLifeCA is a tool to assist acupuncture, or the application of acupressure, by providing the acupoints to use per the Five Shu Points and Source Points according to dates and times. It allows the user to know all available acupoints for any date and all times from January 1, 1900 to June 30, 2006 (calendar can be upgraded by this date). You can also discover the exact date and time when specific acupoints you prefer to use, are available.

The most useful list, is the real time “Current Open Points” which show all available acupoints for the five different chrono-acupuncture systems base on the computers current date and time. The program’s display will update every 24 minutes in conformity to chrono-acupuncture requirements.

presents the Gregorian Calendar and the Traditional Chinese Lunar calendars for comparison. 

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 98SE or later  - Memory: 16 MB minimum

Free Space/Hard Disk (Drive C only): 850kb  - Printer to print reports

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